M&M Slogans

Find all the past M&M slogans for different ads in this simple table.

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M&M SloganYear(s)
Melts in your Mouth, not in Your
All the World Loves M&M's.1980
Grab on to that M&Ms feelin'1980
Candy of the Millennium.1998
Dare to go to the dark side.2005
There's an M in everyone.2007
Salty. Sweet. Impossible to Resist.2010
Reunite M.2011
Not your average chocolate.2012
Can't Resist M.2012
Sweet Sunday2012
Search for the M&M's Lost Tribe2012
Chocolate is better with M.2014
America's favorite nut.2014
Red's Been Let Down Again.2015
So Good. They're Back.2015
Vote for your M&M.2016
Celebrate with M.2016
Halloween. Can't Wait.2018
Chocolate is better in Color.
Red’s Red Carpet Tips for the Oscars
Try M All
Give them a home at your place.
Find the Bag.
M&M's. Always Fun.
Have M At Your Super Bowl Party.
Movies are better with M.
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M&M Slogans

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