Coronavirus Slogans

Find the best slogans to bring facts and public awareness to coronavirus or covid -19. Do you have any other catchy slogans or seen funny phrases? Please share them!

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Coronavirus Slogan
2020 Corona, not just a beer.
Be a corona fighter.
Be on your guard, as Coronavirus can take your breath away!
Beat the coronavirus bug.
Can't breathe? Get tested for Covid-19.
Coronavirus is going to make you feel like Crapola.
Coronavirus season ahead.
Coronavirus sucks.
Coronavirus takes your breath away.
Coronavirus, it's closer than you think.
Cover Your Sneeze, It’s a Breeze to stop the coronavirus.
Disinfect coronavirus before it infects you.
Do you part against the coronavirus.
Do you want to have a fever,cough,sore throat,or even die? Prevent it & we won’t have to kiss you goodbye.
Don’t make me squirm, don’t share your germ.
Don't be a dick, stay home if you are sick!
Don't be bait for the coronavirus.
Don't get caught, stay away from the crowd!
Fight corona with alcohol.
Fight coronavirus with the power of soap.
Fight coronavirus.
Get the fact, not the panic with coronavirus.
Heat does not kill coronavirus, soap does.
If you got the coronavirus, you know what to do.
Just because you don't feel it, doesn't mean you don't have it.
Keep calm and stay away from coronavirus.
Keep clean to clean coronavirus.
Keep the coronavirus away with soap and water!
Keep your coronavirus to yourself. Cover your cough!
Keep your elders safe from coronavirus.
Lead the war against coronavirus.
Netflix and chill is better any time over coronavirus and be killed.
Not everyone is old enough for corona beer, but everyone is old enough for coronavirus.
Preventing the spread of Coronavirus, starring you.
Prevention is better than ventilation.
Protect yourself to protect your loved ones from coronavirus.
Roll up you sleeve and wash your hands against the coronavirus.
Say no to corona, say no to pneumonia.
Stay away from coronavirus, no party is important enough for your life!
Stop coronavirus from spreading is to everyone's liking.
Stop spreading coronavirus, stop spreading fear.
Stop the hysteria, stop the corona!
The coronavirus ends with you.
The spread of coronavirus ends with you.
Toilet paper and water does not cure coronavirus!
United against Coronavirus.
Wear protection to prevent infection.
What happens in the quarantine, stays in the quarantine.
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