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Argon Slogan
Argon - A bright idea.
Argon for light.
Argon keeps our home bright.
Argon, you look hot tonight.
Argon, brightening the world.
Argon, not Eragon but just as noble.
Argon, the most important underachiever in the atmosphere.
Argon, The noble gas
Argon, the wise choice.
Argon, today and everyday.
Argon, too lazy to react with anything.
Argon, what a shielding gas?
Argon: It'll take your breath away.
Argon: Lighting up your world
Argon: You Light Up My Life.
Be amazing like Argon.
Be noble like Argon.
Breathing it in, you better not dare, Argon is no substitute for air.
Defender of the Constitution.
Get Gassed by Argon, its Noble!
Glow with Argon.
I sulfur when you argon!
I will roar argon into chlorine, xenon into fluorine, all the noble gases into reactive ones My lament will terrify even the stars.
I'm completely inert and don't react with anyone.
It cannot, of course, be stated with absolute certainty that no elements can combine with argon; but it appears at least improbable that any compounds will be formed.
It produces blue light, which will illuminate the night.
It’s Argon time.
It’s my Argon.
It’s really really cold and It can date things that are old.
It'll take your breath away.
It's Argon time.
It's my Argon.
Let there be argon!
Light your heart with Argon.
Lighten Up! It’s Argon.
Neon's big brother. Krypton's little brother.
No Argon? No way.
Oh, what a gas.
So many things special about Argon.
The Argon – The welder’s love.
The welder's love Argon!
When two gasses collide it will be Argogeddon.
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