Arsenic Slogan

Are you looking for catchy slogans for Arsenic element to use for your school science project? These good slogan ideas for Arsenic mentions it’s general purposes and uses, and how we use Arsenic as mainly a poisonous compound in rat poison or pesticides, and its environmental impacts to health and previous uses as firework’s blue color. Please leave comments if you have more slogans for Arsenic!

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Arsenic Slogan
Arsenic alone is enough to get the job done.
Arsenic and Old Lace is better than a can of mace.
Arsenic fireworks makes the best blue, but it's now banned!
Arsenic for enemies.
Arsenic gets the job done.
Arsenic is poison-As!
Arsenic kills directly, and indirectly via cancer.
Arsenic kills without a weapon.
Arsenic the poison, passed from pesticide into cigarettes tobacco.
Arsenic! It's Elementary my Dear.
Arsenic, a murderer's top choice.
Arsenic, Agent 33.
Arsenic, empowering batteries.
Arsenic, It’s a killer my bro.
Arsenic, it’s natural killer.
Arsenic, kills the living but make your compueter chips come to life.
Arsenic, made from copper and lead refining.
Arsenic, preserving wood for you.
Arsenic, Rats got gone.
Arsenic, setting your world on fire.
Arsenic, Spray on your crops and watch everything die!
Arsenic, the best silent hitman for hire.
Arsenic, The most wanted killer.
Arsenic, the textbook method of choice to rid of cheating husband or wife.
Arsenic, try it and be forever silenced.
Arsenic, try it, you will love it.
Arsenic, You can "count" on it within calculators!
Arsenic. Number 1 weapon in more mystery books than any other element!
Arsenic: When you really care to kill with the very best!
Arsenic's a poison centuries old, just one drop will leave anyone cold.
Arsenic's a sure fire way to deal with a nasty rat, it works better than a mean old cat!
As pure As Arsenic.
Don't worry, Arsenic can do it.
End it all with Arsenic, or live another day without.
Enemies be gone with Arsenic.
Got rats, buy arsenic.
Poisons "Ar" Us.
Polluted water with arsenic, makes millions sick.
Rats, insects, pests? No problem! Arsenic takes care of all!
Say Arsenic, say no to rats.
The most dangerous of them all, the White Arsenic.
Time to kill, Time for Arsenic.
What is poisonous? You could bet your ARSEnic that it is!
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