Barium Slogan

Are you looking for catchy slogans for Barium to use for your school science project? These good slogan ideas for Barium mentions it’s general purposes and uses. We focus on on reactive it is to other triggers, and how we use Barium as necessary material for oil drilling, radiocontrast agent in X-ray imaging. It’s compound is even a California State gem! Please leave comments if you have more slogans for Barium!

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Barium Slogan
Any time you’re in need of a vacuum, you can rely on Barium to do the work for you.
B for Barium.
Ba Ba Barium!
Barium – it buries the competition!
Barium – it’s great for your derrière-ium!
Barium – It’s not just for enemas anymore.
Barium – the enema of your enema is your friend!
Barium for you.
Barium is fun, barium is great, barium does not bioaccumulate
Barium never alone.
Barium reacts to everything!
Barium will bury ’em?
Barium, a getter.
Barium, as Baryte, mostly sourced from China.
Barium, found in 1774, isolated in 1808.
Barium, Not just for enemas any more.
Barium, rats hate me.
Barium, so sensitive that it even explodes with air.
Barium, You can put it anywhere. I mean anywhere.
Barry Bonds loves Barium!
Be soft like Barium.
Buy Barium – It’s the Barriest!
Do you love America? Then buy Barium!
Don’t put barium in an aquarium??
Exposure to barium cause pain in your darium.
God made wheat for man, why use barium?
Got suspected bowel cancer? Then try one of my relaxing enemas, brought to you through the power of baruim.
If the x-ray looks bad, time to Barium.
If ya can't beat 'em, Barium!
It’s Barium time.
Its not a real enema without it.
It's not just for lower GI's.
Keep Barium metal safe with Argon or mineral oils.
Kill rats with Barium.
Light the Party with Barium.
Light up the Darkness with barium my favorite element B.
Make barium by heating Barium Carbonate.
No Barium? No way.
Not so yummy but good for your tummy.
Official state gem of California: Benitoite the Barium mineral.
Oil driller's top choice of fluid.
Soft & Silvery like Barium.
Stay grounded with Barium, or it could ignite!
Step right up and sip on barium – makes your x-rays stand out.
When you need a hero, forget 007 – call for Agent 56 “Barium!”
When you need to bury ’em…buy Barium!
Without Barium, its just a colonic.
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