Cadmium Slogan

Are you looking for catchy slogans for Cadmium to use for your school science project? These good slogan ideas for Cadmium mentions it’s general purposes and uses, and how we use Cadmium very commonly in batteries, nuclear control rod, electroplating, and more. We also focused on the awareness of it’s poisonous nature and how we need to be careful with its exposure and recycle. Please leave comments if you have more slogans for Cadmium !

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Cadmium Slogan
A long time ago, Cadmium was used as medicine, and People got poisoned.
Be aware, Cadmium can cause cancer.
Bust the rust with Cadmium.
Cadmium - more than just the stable metal between zinc and mercury.
Cadmium bearings last longer.
Cadmium capturing neutrons.
Cadmium conducts electricity.
Cadmium is not healthy for us.
Cadmium kills in Tobacco smoke!
Cadmium love neutrons and eats them.
Cadmium makes your brain go hungry mad.
Cadmium poisoning is lingering.
Cadmium since 1817 in Germany.
Cadmium, a restricted metal because it's toxic!
Cadmium, silvery bluish CD.
Cadmium, sneaks in through food and smell, but not touch!
Cadmium, trusted controls to absorb neutrons inside nuclear reactors.
Cadmium: Empowering batteries.
Cadmium: In love with neutrons.
Cadmium: It’s a toxic thing.
Cadmium: It’s in the batteries.
Cadmium? I barely knew 'em!
Cadmium’s ten times more toxic than lead.
Don’t Be A Cad!!!!
Don’t be toxic like Cadmium.
Don't breathe in cadmium, it's toxic fumes.
Get cadmium when you produce Zinc!
Go green with cadmium telluride solar panels.
Got Cadmium?
Handle carefully with Cadmium toxicity.
I want you to stay away from Cadmium, it’s a poison.
It’s a Cadmium thing, you wouldn’t understand.
It’s all about Cadmium.
It’s not a fad – we like cad!!
Keep calm & stay away from Cadmium.
Let me electroplate you with Cadmium.
Limit exposure to cadmium, protect yourself!
Long cadmium exposure damage kidneys, lungs and bones.
Marine life easily gets Cadmium poisoning.
Neutron is the favorite food of Cadmium.
No serum for cadmium.
Protect your food source! Don't get Cadmium poisoned.
Recycle Cadmium batteries, save the world.
Resist corrosion with cadmium plating.
The poisonous Cd, Cadmium.
Tired of all your old music? Get a CD that’s not like the rest ……CADMIUM!
Use cadmium responsibly.
Vincent van Gogh top choice of paint, Cadmium pigment!
Willow tree cleans cadmium from soil.

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