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Are you looking for catchy slogans for Copper to use for your school science project like an advertisement slogan? These clever Copper ad slogans mentions it’s general purpose and element uses, these clever sayings will surely help you selling copper. Please leave comments if you have more slogans for Copper metal!

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Argon Slogan
Copper gets the job done.
It’s Copper conduct.
Let’s connect with Copper.
Bust the rust with copper.
Go far with Copper.
You can’t live without it.
Feel safe with Copper.
Smart people choose Copper.
Copper, a motor turner.
Copper, connecting people.
Copper, Try it you will love it.
Without Copper you are gone.
Copper, Conductor not resistor.
You can't top the copper top!.
Copper-- it makes alot of cents.
It Just Makes Cents!.
Feelings are like chemicals, the more you analyse them the worse they SMELT.
“C” all the things “U” can do with copper.
Be a smart shopper, buy copper…
Put your change on copper!
Copper: it's a conductor not an arrestor.
Copper: great for killing snails in your aquarium!
I turn green, bend without breaking, carry your currents, and help keep Abe in your pocket
Copper: The best jewelry to turn your skin GREEN!
Copper is topper!
Cu - commonly underrated.
Copper: I will make you bleed green.
Copper: getting valuable! Let's STEAL some today!
Copper: Its not just for waterlines anymore.
Copper: It's for conduction!
CU Soon Copper Company.
Number 29 - a great conductor for all time!
Gotcha Copper?
Copper, (Cu) Electrified!
Copper: still essential.
Copper conducts big time!
Atomic Number 29 is fine Cu is the code.
Copper: The other white gold!
Copper: Mankind's Favorite Electrical Conductor.
Copper - It's Elemental!
Copper - can't live without it!
Copper the show stopper
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