Europium Slogan

Are you looking for catchy slogans for Europium to use for your school science project? These good slogan ideas for Europium mentions it’s general purposes and uses, and how we use Europium for fluorescent light bulbs, after-glow, drug discovery, counterfeiting protection, and more! Please leave comments if you have more slogans for Europium!

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Europium Slogan
Abandoned by latest technology, adopt the orphaned Europium today.
Absorb neutrons with Europium, control that nuclear power.
Be soft like Europium.
Eu stands for Europium, or European Union.
Europium and we'll ride em.
Europium can do it.
Europium got outdated because CRT Television got outdated.
Europium loves Neutrons.
Europium since 1901 by Demarcay.
Europium, a doping agent.
Europium, a force behind the forces.
Europium, a lil toxic thing.
Europium, easily ignited at 150 to 180 C.
Europium, good for reactor control rods and super-conductive wires.
Europium, like Europe, easily inflamed.
Europium, mostly made from monazite sand via ion exchange process.
Europium, named after Europe.
Europium, reacts with water easily.
Europium, the best.
Europium: It Explodes in Air!
Europium: Silvery, Soft & Ductile.
Europium’s favorite food is a Neutron.
Fire in the air! Europium.
Get Europium or get out.
Get the job done with Europium.
Ignite Europium.
It’s a Europium thing, you wouldn’t understand.
Keep calm & Europium on.
Most reactive king of all rare earth, your highness Europium.
MRI made clearer with Europium.
Need laser material? Just dope Europium with plastic.
Run for the Europium.
Sensitive Europium oxidizes in air.
Set things on fire with Europium.
Tarnish quickly like Europium.
The ductile europium is only as hard as lead.
Agent 63 Europium.
Softest lanthanide Europium.
Easily cut Europium with fingernail and knife.
One of the rarest of rare earth elements on Earth - Europium.
Relatively non-toxic heavy metal Europium.
Glow in the dark with Europium.
Make afterglow brighter with Europium.
A warmer fluorescent lamps’ light with Europium.
Ultraviolate light makes Europium glow!
Europium fluorescence helps with new drug discovery and research!
It is also used in the anti-counterfeiting phosphors in euro banknotes
Europium protects the Euro.
Counterfeiting Euro is harder because of Europium.
Europium powers quantum memory chips.
Expensive Rare Earth Europium.
Europium lights the darkness inside helical fluorescent light bulbs.
Europium inside.
Shine like Europium.
Europium recycled here.
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