Fluorine Slogan

Are you looking for funny slogans for Fluorine to use for your school science project like an ad slogan? These clever Fluorine slogans mentions it’s general appearance and how its used in our every day life, these clever message will surely help you describe fluorine and some of these are rhyming. Please leave comments if you have more slogans for Fluorine!

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Fluorine Slogan
Fluorine is in the hood, so buy toothpaste and you'll be good.
Cavities are mean so use Fluorine!
It's a poisonous gas, Its color is green. In the halogen class there lies Fluorine!
Life is tough. Fluorine makes things harder.
Elemental Fluorine, why are my lungs bleeding?
Florine Florine your so fine. Your so fine you blow my mind.
Fluorine: Toothless Without It!
With Fluorine, your teeth are mummified forever!
Fluorine: for when you absolutely positively have to clear out every organic being in the room.
Its the most reactive and it cannot be found in its elemental form on earth.
Fluorine: The alpha male of the periodic table.
I'm bad, I'm mad, I'm number nine - FLUORINE!
Fluorine: it's so.. REACTIVE!…BOOM!
Fluorine: Use it or lose them. (with picture of teeth)
Fluorine: way better than chlorine!
Fluorine: killing cockroaches and preventing cavities for over 50 years.
Fluorine: Helps prevent tooth decay.
No Fluorine, no outerspace so thank goodness for fluorines race.
Fluorine: You've got to try it to love it.
Fluorine, the most electronegative element.
Fluorine for all.
Fluorine makes water hot.
Your teeth needs me.
Don’ take Fluorine easy.
Noble gases love fluorine.
Pay your regards for fluorine.
Fluorine sister of chlorine.
Cool Fluorine is No. 9.
Keep me away from water, I explode in it.
Do you know Fluorine is poisonous?
I am Fluorine and I am pale yellow in color.
Pungent Fluorine.
Fluorine love all elements.
Fluorine can help you laugh more.
Fluorine: Find me in tea and shellfish.
Fluorine for all, say it to all.
Fluorine can kill you.
Rocket is nothing without me.
Hello, I am Halogen.
Fluorine in Freon.
Your refrigerator need me.
No fluorine, no white teeth, and don't forget no itching creams.
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