Francium Slogan

Are you looking for catchy slogans for Francium to use for your school science project? These good slogan ideas for Francium mentions it’s general purposes and uses, and how we use Francium mainly for research and how it was discovered in France. Please leave comments if you have more slogans for Francium!

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Francium Slogan
22 Minutes Half Life Francium.
Actinium-227 alpha decays into Francium-223.
Easily synthesized, trapped, and cooled Francium.
Extremely radioactive Francium.
Francium, Agent 87.
Francium, discovered by Marguerite Perey in 1939.
Francium, failed to make the cut for medical use.
Francium, found in France in 1939.
Francium, good for spectroscopy experiments.
Francium, radioactive by default.
Francium, the closest it gets to France.
Francium, this is it!
Francium: For research only.
Francium: it’s literally useless.
Francium: it's literally useless.
Franciums salts are water soluble.
Franciums, naturally extremely rare in Uranium and Thorium ores.
I’m Francium, handle me with care.
I’m Francium, I decay to be Astatine, Radium & Radon.
I’m Francium, I’m radioactive.
It’s a Francium thing, you wouldn’t understand.
Jazz things up with francium!
Let’s talk about Francium.
No Francium? No way.
Synthesize Francium with Gold-197 + Oxygen-18 fusion.
Toxic and Radioactive Francium.
Up with Francium!
When you’re sad and feeling glum, Jazz things up with Francium!
You don’t want Francium as your enemy!
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