Germanium Slogan

Are you looking for funny slogans for Germanium to use for your school science project like an element slogan? These smart slogan for Germanium mentions it’s general appearance and properties. Please leave comments if you have more slogans for Germanium!

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Germanium Slogan
Light up your world with Germanium.
Germanium, Silicon’s friend.
Go far with Germanium.
Germanium Inside.
Germanium, the smart choice.
Nothing less than Germanium.
Germanium, a semiconductor.
G for Germanium.
Germanium for better future.
Germanium, hard & brittle.
Glow like Germanium.
Rare Germanium.
Think Germanium.
Germanium's the best way to get your electricity paid, without the pain of the uranium way!
I'd give my brainium for some Germanium.
When it comes to German engineering, nothing beats Germanium.
Germanium: Computers to Chemotherapy.
GEeee, what's that?
Say Guten Tag to Germanium!
Germanium is rolling, the others are stoned.
Germanium: The lustrous metalloid.
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