Helium Slogan

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Helium Slogan
Helium - the most uplifting experience a balloon can get.
Helium takes the balloons high in skies.
What a gas!!
What’s better than Helium?
It’s all about helium.
Tasteless Helium.
Fly high with helium.
Helium, lightest of all.
Helium gas for you.
All you need is Helium gas.
Me and my Helium.
Enjoy the spirit of Helium.
Helium it.
Simply Helium.
Helium Included.
Helium for everyone.
Feel fresh with Helium.
Helium Online – Helium Offline.
Helium Reborn.
Helium can take you to the top.
Amazing Helium.
Helium, Just do it.
Pump it, Suck it, Say it!
As Hydrogen would say " He ain't heavy, He's my brother"
Helium - it's the real thing.
Helium - it's not just for breakfast anymore.
Helium - it's not a bunch of hot air.
A funny gas? He He He.
And as it's noble it's next-gen!
Fly with Helium, It's a real gas!
Get high on Helium!
Have you ever wanted to go to the moon? Helium will take you there. Up, up with a balloon; it's lighter than air.
Helium will help you rise to the top, but be careful or your balloon will pop!
Helium, it'll make your balloons rise to the occasion.
Helium, nothing rises you're balloon higher!
Helium: A great way to lift a balloon, up and away.
Helium: Because filling a balloon with Flourine isn't practical.
Helium: Breathe it in, change your voice!
Helium: Change your altitude.
Helium: Even the balloons get high!
Helium: Good for balloons, good for tires. Inhale it in and your life expires.
Helium: Gravity defying gas.
Helium: He is super high!
Helium: High pitched gas.
Helium: It can get you high!
Helium: It will give you a lift!
Helium: It'll take your breath away…
Helium: It's non-flammable unlike hydrogen,
Helium: It's not the price thats rising.
Helium: Keep It Up!
Helium: Keeps you afloat.
Helium: Lighter than air.
Helium: Makes you sound funny!
Helium: Odorless… Tasteless… It's a Gas!
Helium: Pass this gas, stay on the grass.
Helium: The 2nd simplest element!
Helium: The First Noble Gas!
Helium: They ran out of it on the Hindenburg.
Helium: Two protons, two electrons… one element!
Helium: Why should balloons have all the fun?
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