Indium Slogan

Are you looking for catchy slogans for Indium to use for your school science project like an element slogan? These smart ad slogan for Indium mentions it’s general appearance and properties. Please leave comments if you have more slogans for Indium!

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Indium Slogan
Shine with forty nine.
Get Indium & enter in a new millennium.
Indium: Bend it and it cries!!
Get Indium or Get out.
Lighter than Uranium, ind, ind, Indium!
Indium Indium on the wall who is the fairest chemical of them all?
Be soft like Indium.
Shine like Indium.
I want you to be as soft as Indium.
Keep calm & be soft like Indium.
Indium loves glass that’s why it sticks with it.
It’s an Indium thing, you wouldn’t understand.
Indium since 1863.
No transistors without Indium.
Got Indium?
Indium: It’s a soft & shiny thing.
Indium: It’s in touch screens, flat screens & TVs
Lighter than Uranium, ind, ind, Indium!
Get INdium or get OUTium!
Indium metal shine, element forty-nine!
Get Indium wired and be inspired.
Get INdium or get OUTium!
When in doubt, Indiums out!
Oh em gee looks its me.. looking at Indium which reflects me?
In conducting devices Indium's wisest.
Indium: you're always In!
It's a wrap with Indium.
Indium: the element of the new millennium!
Indium: Bend it and it cries!
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