Iodine Slogan

Are you looking for catchy slogans for Iodine to use for your school science project? These good slogan ideas for Iodine mentions it’s general purposes and uses, and how we use Iodine as a necessary nutrient, medicine, photography, dye, and more! Please leave comments if you have more slogans for Iodine!

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Iodine Slogan
A rainbow of colors of clothing so fine. The deepest of colors... Thanks iodine!
A single moment caught in time, a touch of history from iodine.
Be smart with iodine.
Cleanse the water with Iodine.
Colors food safely with iodine.
Critically important nutrient, iodine.
CT Scanning with Iodine.
East or west, Iodine is the best
Farm animals feed on iodine.
Fights counterfeit money with iodine test.
Find me in salt that you use daily
Germs hate me
Get excellent source of iodine from seaweed.
Get your daily iodine with iodized salt or seafood.
Grow with iodine.
Have a cut? Don't whine. Use a little Iodine!
Health life needs iodine.
I don't mind iodine. For my cuts, It works just fine.
If a test for starch is what you need, iodine is the way to proceed.
If you mash your finger in a door, put some iodine on that sore.
If you want microbes kept away, use iodine to keep then at bay.
Iodine - the halogen for you!
Iodine cleans my scrapes.
Iodine cleans the ouchies of me! Element 53 is good for me!
Iodine controls thyroid hormones.
Iodine deficiency make you retarded.
Iodine dificiency makes you sick!
Iodine discovered in 1811, named in 1813.
Iodine for all
Iodine for life
Iodine for metabolism
Iodine is fine for the injuries of mine.
Iodine kills germs dead.
Iodine online – Iodine offline
Iodine powers your metabolism.
Iodine, element 53, does a lot of good for both you and me.
Iodine, element 53, does plenty of good for you and me.
Iodine, it is sublime.
Iodine, photography, medicine, and dye! None would be possible without iodine!
Iodine, plenty in South Carolina.
Iodine, the purple passion of halogens.
Iodine, your heaviest essential mineral nutrient.
Iodine: A germ killer
Iodine: Just Dye It
Iodine: Keep that goiter away.
Iodine: Seed clouds. Get rain on demand.
Iodine: worth its salt.
Iondine kills virus dead.
It puts the ‘I’ into chemIstry.
It’s all about Iodine
Keeps it pure with iodine.
Kill thyroid cancer with radioactive iodine.
Make smart babies with iodine.
Make your teeth shine with Iodine.
Natural disinfectant iodine.
Natures care, iodine.
Premium Iodized salt.
Purify and cleanse with iodine.
Radioactive Iodine
Rapidly sterilization made possible with Iodine.
Skin disinfecting iodine.
Stay healthy with iodine.
To be fine, use iodine
Too much iodine can hurt your skin and cause rash.
Too much of a good thing is bad, pure elemental iodine is toxic.
Trust the iodine touch to clean.
Violet Iodine
You can find me in sea water
You can’t live without it
You need my help to cure skin wounds
Your body needs iodine.
Your teeth will shine when you will use iodine
Your thyroid gland needs me
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