Iridium Slogan

Are you looking for catchy slogans for Iridium to use for your school science project like an element slogan? These smart ad slogan for Iridium mentions it’s general appearance and properties. Please leave comments if you have more slogans for Iridium!

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Iridium Slogan
Bust the rust with Iridium.
Corrosion can’t touch Iridium.
Get double you luck with element 77, Iridium.
Get maximum density with Iridium.
I’ll never fail unless you salt my tail.
I’m Number 77!
If U are denser than He, than who is denser than U?= Ir
Ir very hard yet Ir very brittle.
Iridium isn’t attacked by acids.
Iridium neither erodes nor corrodes.
Iridium never corrodes.
Iridium puts the spark in soark plugs.
Iridium, a hard thing.
Iridium, hard & brittle.
Iridium, it’s elemental
Iridium, lucky element.
Iridium, so special it fell from the heavens.
Iridium, stands up to anything.
Iridium, untouchable.
Iridium: Build it, Ship it, Shoot it!
Lucky Iridium 77.
The maximum heavyweight, Iridium.
The stuff of stars, Iridium YUM! Don’t eat iridium.
Things get harder with Iridium.
YUM! Don't eat Iridium.
Iridium, more lucky than Nitrogen.
Iridium makes platinum hard.
Iridium, a heavy duty electrical contact.
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