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Are you looking for catchy slogans for Krypton to use for your school science project? These good slogan ideas for Krypton mentions how it’s a by-product of nuclear reactor function, and how we use Krypton for lasers, photo flashes. Please leave comments if you have more slogans for Krypton!

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All you need is krypton.
Conduct nuclear fusion energy with krypton fluoride laser.
Faster than Xenon, More Powerful than Neon, Able to fluoresce in a single nanosecond…It’s Krypton !
For a brighter light, switch Krypton.
Get it and experience the benefits with KRYPTON-to-NITE!
Get some light, with krypton at night.
Go far with Krypton.
Great Krypton!
Green and Yellow krypton.
I want Krypton.
Inert colorless and odorless krypton.
Isolate krypton by evaporating liquid air.
It’s Krypton time.
Its fast, its bright, its fluorescent light!
Keep calm and carry on with Krypton
Keep calm and carry on with Krypton.
Kreative solutions from Krypton.
Krpton, agent 36.
Krypton helps with fast photo flashes.
Krypton inside.
Krypton Is Klass!
Krypton light shows airplanes the light.
Krypton planet is fiction, but Krypton gas is real on earth.
Krypton power.
Krypton released from nuclear reactor fuel rods.
Krypton since 1898.
Krypton Slogan
Krypton the hidden element discovered by accident.
Krypton, a noble element that turns darkness to daylight.
Krypton, brightening up your life.
Krypton, heavy enough to react with fluorine.
Krypton, one of the noble six.
Krypton: about half a cool as it sounds
Krypton: Go on.
Krypton: Move on.
Krypton: Off & On.
Krypton: Superman’s worst Enemy.
Krypton: the difference between a good idea and a bright idea.
Krypton: The hidden one.
Krypton: the noble gas that puts the "flash" in lighting and photography.
Krypton: The Super Element
Krypton; we like yellow suns.
Kryptonite, you’ll find it’s right, to use in the flash of your camera light.
Kypton powered MRI imaging.
Kypton rock on.
Light on with Krypton.
Light up your world with Krypton
Light up your world with Krypton.
Low-pressured filling with Krypton gas.
Me & My Krypton.
Move satellites with electric propulsion system with krypton.
No Krypton? No way.
No Need To Fear, Krypton Is Here!
Noble Krypton.
One goal, One passion – Krypton.
Powered by Krypton.
Purple light krypton.
Rare gas on earth, but plenty of Krypton on the sun.
Save energy with Krypton.
Save hearts and lives with Krypton.
Save power with Krypton light bulbs.
Spy on nuclear reactors by detecting krypton levels.
Super laser light show with Krypton.
Thanks Krypton.
The non-reactive Krypton gas that sometimes reacts.
Think Krypton.
Turn that light on, think of Krypton.
You can kick Superman’s butt with a little Krypton in your pocket.
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