Lead Slogan

Are you looking for smart slogans for Lead to use for your school science project? These smart and rhyming ad slogan about Lead mentions it’s general purposes and uses, and includes lead mineral or lead poisoning Please leave comments if you have more slogans for lead element!

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Lead Slogan
Long Live the Leader.
Plumbum Lead.
Lead, lead, wonderful lead, use it wisely and you’ll never be dead!
Don’t eat lead or you will be dead.
Bust the rust with Lead.
Lead, soft & malleable.
As heavy as Lead.
Lead for your heavy needs.
Soft like Lead.
Shield with Lead.
Lead empowering batteries.
Lead for your battery needs.
Batteries get better with Lead.
Eat Lead & go to Hell.
Always Lead.
Lead loves Neutrons.
Eat Lead and you're dead!
gray and blue,deadly and true.
Eat lead, you will be sick in the head, then you will be dead.
Lead: ‘LEADing the way'.
Get the Lead out!
Lead, keep it out of your head.
Lead: Millions of dead plumbers can't be wrong.
Eat Lead and you're dead.
Lead will mess with your head
Born to lead.
Lead, no longer available in paint or gasoline.
Lead: It's got a high melting-point.
Lead: Eat it and side effects will leave you dead.
Lead makes you dumb.
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