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Are you looking for catchy slogans for Mercury to use for your school science project like an advertising element slogan? These funny and rhyming ad slogan ideas for Mercury element mentions it’s general purposes and uses. Mercury (hg) is a highly poisonous element that has a very low melting point. Please leave comments if you have more slogans for Mercury!

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Mercury Slogan
Mercury, It’s two states in one!
OMG! That wasn’t coke! It was Mercury!
Mercury’s Mascara.
Mercury: What Ford Motors misses….
Mercury, you’ll go crazy for it.
Mercury…Touch and die.
Mercury…because it’s just fun to pour metal.
Mercury, the God of liquid metals!
Mercury…it ain’t just a planet!
Get mercury and find out why you got cancer!
God has Mercury, why don’t you?
Mercury – Strippers!!
High density makes it quite weighty, Periodically its number eighty
The only Liquid Metal.
My name’s Mercury, wanna play?
Mercury! Thouch it and you’ll Die!
Mercury – It’s not just a planet anymore.
Mercury, its elementary Dear Science Teacher.
Mercury, its liquid metal how awesome is that?
It’s Quick! It’s Silver! It’s Quicksilver!
Heigh Ho, QuickSilver, Away…
A Mercurial element.
Heigh Ho, QuickSilver, Away…
A Mercurial element.
They call me quick silver.
Next time, tell us if it’s the planet of the element.
Mercury – The best place for Baked Alaska.
Mercury! Wear gloves or it’ll kill ya.
Mercury – taking over the galaxy one car at a time.
It’s too good to hurry. Try our product Mercury.
Nothing Works Better Than Mercury.
It’s Mercury time.
It’s a Mercury Thing, you Wouldn’t understand.
In your thermometer it measures temperature.
A liquid metal with Hg as its nomenclature.
High density makes Mercury quite weighty .
Mercury - Periodically its number eighty.
Mercury's the best, I'm sure you can tell, It likes being a solid and a liquid as well!
Mercury's great and fine and dandy, it tells the temp which sure comes in handy.
Mercury: the only metal liquid. Have a small sip, and you'll be dead quick.
Mercury: it ain't just a planet!
I'm Mercury. I can slip through your fingers faster than real silver!
Mercury: Everyone needs a little “HuG” now and then…
The fastest metal in the world - quicksilver.
Mercury: the God of liquid metals!
Be Mercury fast, when you have a task.
Looking for some Mercury? Ask Hercules in the factory, He's using it for industry.
Periodically its number eighty.
Mercury: It's a metal! It's a liquid! It's two states in one!
What would you do for a mercury bar?
I'm Mercury. I'm less dense than my brother, Osmium.
I'm Mercury. I can really get on your nerves.
Mercury: Its on the go whether a car or in a thermometer.
Mercury: High density makes it quite weighty
A liquid metal with Hg as its nomenclature
Mercury: In your thermometer it measures temperature
Mercury: Melts in your hand, not in your blast furnace!
Mercury: The Mercurial nature of Hydrargyrum.
Mercury.. because it's just fun to pour metal.
“You'll go crazy for it,”
Mercury, the Liquid Metal.
Mercury, the Death Metal.
Mercury, frozen solid at -37.89°F!
Liquid Silver aka hydrargyrum, is why Mercury is HG!
Mercury, Extremely Poisonous
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