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Are you looking for smart slogans for Nickel to use for your school science project like an alloy or mineral element slogan? These catchy and rhyming ad slogan for Nickel mentions it’s general purposes and uses, and how we need Nickel for many of the metal alloys like stainless steel. Please leave comments if you have more slogans for Nickel!

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Nickel Slogan
Nickel: It just makes good cents!
Nickel, bickel, bo bickel, banana fana fo fickle.. nickel!
If I had a Nickel, I'd buy a pickle.
You want a tickle for a Nickel?
Nickel: Mercury Melts and Arsenic will kill you, but Nickel's your friend!
Nickel: When Copper just ain't cuttin it!
Get yourself out of a pickle, use Nickel!
When our 2 cents wasnt enough… We decided to give you our Nickel!
Nickel: Not just for the coin jar!
Why be fickle, buy yourself some Nickel.
Nickel: Worth way more than five cents.
Nickel: think it ain't worth a dime?
Nickel: The softer, gentler metal.
Nickel: Hard to break, easy to stretch!
Nickel: because Sulfur stinks!
It's a safe bet there's Nickel in there!
Nickel comes in white and in meterorites.
Nickel: from the core of the Lithosphere.
Nickel, it’s magnetic.
Bust the rust with Nickel.
Go far with Nickel.
It’s all about Nickel.
Nickel, empowering the batteries.
Nickel, it’s in nuts and peas.
Tired of Corrosion? Try me.
Nickel, the smart choice.
Nickel – Forget the rest.
Nickel Today.
Glass is green coz of it.
Next to the breast, Nickel coin’s the best.
Feel safe with Nickel.
Corrosion? Nickel can do it.
Nothing less than Nickel.
Live long with Nickel.
Rocket engines need me.
Love Nickel – Hate Corrosion.
Nickel Inside.
No Nickel? No way.
Nickel Nonstop.
Nickel gets the job done.
Think done with Nickel.
It’s nothing but Nickel.
We are Nickel.
Only Nickel.
Let’s connect with Nickel.
Don't use pickle, try the simple nickel!
Nichel - the silvery 5 cent coin
Nickel - 28th on the periodic table, 1st in our hearts! 
Nickel - because Sulfur stinks! 
Nickel - it just makes cents!
Nickel - It's back! (as in Nickelback... yeah, that's lame.) 
Nickel - Mercury Melts and Arsenic will kill you, but Nickel's your friend!
Nickel - Not just for the coin jar! 
Nickel - The softer, gentler metal. 
Nickel - When Copper just ain't cuttin it! 
Nickel Coins Nowadays is Only 20% Nickel!
Nickel, a Common Alloy Ingredient
Stainless steel is Part Nickel!
Copper-Nickel Makes Water Less Salty.
Nickel Makes a Good Coat for Other Metals.
Nickel Protects Against Corrosion.
Rechargeable Battery Is All About nickel-metal hydride (NiMH).
Nickle, one of the Most Recycled Materials in the World.
Commonly Found in the Metorites is Your One and Only Nickel.
Nickel Makes Metal Alloys Tough.
Nickel Can Handle the Heat!
Nickel Iron Alloy Makes Earth's Outer Core!
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