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Are you looking for catchy slogans for Platinum to use for your school science project? These good slogan ideas for Platinum mentions it’s general purposes and uses, and how we use the precious metal Platinum mainly for industrial purposes, jewelry, and medical use. Please leave comments if you have more slogans for Platinum!

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Platinum Slogan
A better and more useful gold, Platinum.
A metal fit for a king, Platinum.
A useful industrial metal, platinum.
All That Glitters Is Not Gold, It's Platinum.
Bust the rust with Platinum.
Catalyze a rare romance…with platinum.
Everybody loves some platinum ring.
Faster Platinum in Your Tech.
Forget diamonds, try platinum if you have really ticked her off.
Forget Gold and Silver, For True Worth Platinum IS the One to Be.
Get charged better with Platinum.
Get tough, get platinum.
Go green with platinum fuel cells.
Go Platinum!
Gold is old; try platinum in your grill….
Gold? Why not platinum?
Gone Platinum: The highest status of the Period Table.
Goodbye Aluminum, Hello Platinum!.
Guaranteed Never Sticky!
Have a platinum smile.
I ♥ Platinum.
If your looking for some periodic fun, you cant go wrong with platinum.
Invest in Platinum.
Is Your Smile Platinum?
It lasts forever no matter the weather.
Jewelry, wire, and vessels, too – Can be made out of platinum, oowee-EE-ooh!
Kill cancer dead with Platinum antineoplastic agents.
Limited editions feature Platinum.
Little silver, Platinum.
Longer lasting with Platinum.
Louis XV of France wore the platinum ring, Declared the only metal fit for a king.
Loving Platinum.
Nature's gold, platnium.
No tarnish platinum.
Not the 1st choice but the last choice or the no choice =)
Nothing puts a smile on your face than a ring of platinum.
One of the least reactive platinum.
Paramagnetic Platinum.
ParTy with Platinum.
Platinum - Better than gold.
Platinum - nature's silver lining.
Platinum – the other white metal.
Platinum can take the heat.
Platinum costs less than gold, but is much rarer.
Platinum doesn't corrode and is versatile metal.
Platinum in fuel cells makes producing electricity environmental friendly.
Platinum Is Faster.
Platinum is forever.
Platinum Lasts Longer.
Platinum Makes Your Exhaust System Sparkle.
Platinum- Musician’s Dream.
Platinum neither erodes nor corrodes.
Platinum- Not Just a Musician's Dream.
Platinum strong.
Platinum- The Pt.
Platinum, a great element for oil refining.
Platinum, agent 27.
Platinum, Dentists love me.
Platinum, Gotta catch em’ all!
Platinum, more than musician's dream.
Platinum, the everlasting shinning metal on earth.
Platinum, we put gold to shame!
Platinum, your number one choice for catalytic converter.
Platinum. The other rock.
Platinum: It’s Nature’s Gold.
Platinum: Not just Best Credit Card!
Platinum: sometimes gold just isn’t good enough!
Platinum: The Tough Stuff.
Platinum: When You Don’t Want to Take It to The Bank.
Platinum-Everlasting shine
Platinum-Everlasting shine.
Power Platnium.
Precious Platinum.
Protect the environment with platinum vehicle emissions control.
PT cruiser on the periodical table.
Save the world with Platinum.
Shiny, shiny, the only material fit for a king.
Silver may shine, Gold glitter, but Platinum is permanent.
Silverish-white transition metal platinum.
silver's good gold's great don't be a bum get platinum.
Silvery white in color when pure, more prominent than gold these days for sure.
Smile better with Platinum.
Sparkling Exhaust system with platinum.
Super rare and precious Platinum.
Symbol of prestige you deserve, platinum.
The strongest support! Just ask the diamonds!
Tough stuff Platinum.
Wear platinum in style.
Why Settle For Mere Gold? Get Platinum.
You can't mess with platinum.

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