Plutonium Slogan

Are you looking for catchy slogans for Plutonium to use for your school science project? These good slogan ideas for Plutonium mentions it’s general purposes and uses, and how we use Plutonium for nuclear power reactors, nuclear bombs, or spacecraft energy sources. Please leave comments if you have more slogans for Plutonium!

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Plutonium Slogan
A few milligrams of Plutonium kill.
A Smell Of Plutonium – PU
Be heated with Plutonium.
Brighten up your world with Plutonium.
Deadly Plutonium critical mass.
Decaying Plutonium.
Destructive Plutonium.
Explosive Plutonium.
Extremely toxic plutonium.
Faraway space travel with Plutonium energy.
First Plutonium Nuclear bomb, born from Manhattan Engineering District project.
Fissionable Plutonium.
Glowing Plutonium.
Handle Plutonium responsibility.
Made from irradiation of uranium in nuclear reactors is your Plutonium.
Man-made Plutonium.
Mushroom cloud, Plutonium atomic bomb.
Named after the 9th Planet, Pluto is your Plutonium.
Named after the coolest dog in all of Disney.
Need 20 kilotons of TNT? Use 6.2 kg of Plutonium instead!
Nuclear waste, Plutonium.
Only 4kg of Plutonium can make an atomic bomb.
Plutonium – It’s not just for breakfast anymore.
Plutonium causes a lot of pandemonium!
Plutonium contamination is deadly.
Plutonium glows for you.
Plutonium goes nuclear.
Plutonium pandemonium!
Plutonium powers you up.
Plutonium since 1941.
Plutonium will blow your mind!
Plutonium, agent 94.
Plutonium, it gives you a glow.
Plutonium, it’s a blast.
Plutonium, it’s elemental.
Plutonium, it’s toxic.
Plutonium, lights up your life.
Plutonium, no longer in people's hearts.
Plutonium, not your average waste.
Plutonium, take it to heart.
Plutonium: catch the fever!
Plutonium: it does a body bad.
Plutonium: Not a dog in Disney cartoons.
Plutonium: the XTREME element!
Plutonium…What’s irradiating you?
Poo Pu Plutonium.
Radioactive silvery Plutonium.
Space power source, Plutonium.
Store Plutonium Responsibly.
Stored as glass logs of Plutonium oxide.
Supernova explosion makes Plutonium naturally.
We have a plutonic relationship.
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