Potassium Slogan

Are you looking for catchy slogans for Potassium to use for your school science project? These good slogan ideas for Potassium mentions it’s general purposes and uses, and how we use Potassium as fertilizers, baking soda, and important healthy nutrient. Please leave comments if you have more slogans for Potassium !

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Potassium Slogan
A banana a day to keep the heart doctor away.
A great element to pass around the hot potato, Potassium.
Alkali Potassium.
Beautiful plants need Potassium.
Clean clothes good with Potassium hydroxide.
Easily tarnished element Potassium.
East or west, Potassium is the best.
Essential life element, potassium.
Feel fresh with Potassium.
Feel good with Mr. K.
First alkaline metal found, potassium.
Forever memory with potassium bromide engraving.
Get it or Get out.
Get you tastebuds tingling with no.19
Glass making with Potassium carbonate.
Go Bananas for Potassium.
Go Bananas! Eat Potassium!
Go Bananas! Eat Potassium!
Go boom with Potassium nitrate.
Go for bananas for Potassium.
Go green with Potassium hydroxide fuel cells.
Go yellow red with Potassium chromate dye.
Gotta have some Potassium! 
Grow your plants with Potassium fertilizer.
Hey, Hey - OK! Eat bananas today.
Highly reactive Potassium.
If you want your plants to grow, Potassium is the way to go!
If your doctor say you need potassium just say K!
I'll react with fire and smoke and fizz,When you add me to something, whatever it is.
Inside and outside of us, Potassium for all.
It’s Potash time.
Itchy or dry eyes? Potassium chloride will fix it in saline drips.
its's bananas!…B-A-N-A-N-A-S !. POTASSIUM! its bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S..!
K, time to get some Potassium.
Keep your food edible with Potassium bisulfite food preservative.
Keep your hands clean with Potassium hydroxide soap.
Keeping your food digested and eyes healthy with Potassium.
Kill insects dead with Potassium fluorosilicate insecticide.
Light up the night sky with Potassium chromate fireworks.
Live better with Potassium.
Live long with Potassium.
Mix in water, watch the pretty lights of explosive oxidation.
Need baking soda? You are looking for Potassium bicarbonate.
Only elemented named after a cooking utensil, Potassium.
Passing heat around with Potassium metal in nuclear reactors.
Plants can’t live without it.
Potassium — it's every body's favorite electrolyte.
Potassium - not just for bananas.
Potassium explodes with water.
Potassium for life.
Potassium for you.
Potassium from Potash.
Potassium is vital to the rythum of the heart, If it gets too low you might need a jumpstart.
Potassium K, will make your day.
Potassium keeps a healthy balance of water in our life.
Potassium won't cramp your style.
Potassium, 8th most abundant element in Earth's crust.
Potassium, Agent 19.
Potassium, essential for life and it tastes good too.
Potassium, Fertilizing fertilizers.
Potassium, I’m n tomatoes & potatoes.
Potassium, It tastes good.
Potassium, it’s in the salt.
Potassium, it's good for life.
Potassium, this is it!
Potassium, without it, you're dead.
Potassium: positively-charged.
Potassium… it's oh K.
potassium…..still more awesome than hydrogen.
Potassium….we' re not just salt.
Potassiumizing the world.
Removing paint with Potassium hydroxide.
So active, Potassium is never free alone by itself.
Soft silver Potassium.
Strengthening muscles with Potassium.
Synthetic fertilizers made with Potassium chloride.
Take care of your Kidneys.
The Potassium, the healthy choice.
Think K, Think 19.
Too much in your blood might kill you and to little in your blood might also kill you
Too much potassium Is a pain in the assium.
Top choice of potassium, 95% goes to fertilizer.
Up in the sky with Potassium nitrate rocket fuel.
You can’t live without it.
You're OK with K.
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