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Are you looking for catchy slogans for Silver to use for your school science project? These good slogan ideas for Silver mentions it’s general purposes and uses, and how we use Silver mainly for investing, jewelries, disinfecting, silver paint, and more! Please leave comments if you have more slogans for Silver!

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Silver Slogan
Ag's the one for me!
All you need is Silver.
Amazing silver.
Antibacterial silver.
Be high class with silver tableware.
Be stylish with silver jewelry.
Brazing alloy by silver.
Call me Sterling – the Story of Silver.
Cheaper than Gold. And still does the trick..
Disinfect with colloidal silver.
Drink it and join the Blue Man Group.
Easily tarnished silver.
Feel it – It’s Silver.
Get oxidation going with silver metal catalysis.
Go boom with silver compounds.
Gold may have the bling but silver is the king.
Good for chemical gears, silver because it doesn't react.
Got shine?
If you want to have bling, then let Silver be your thing.
Invest in Silver.
It’s soft, It’s ductile, It’s Silver.
Its Shiny, its smooth, its solid…its Silver!
Like platinum, but affordable
Like platinum, but affordable.
Make food shine with silver coloring.
Mr. Ag & Agent 47.
No resistance with Silver.
No Silver? No way.
Nothing like Silver.
Nothing lustrous like Silver.
Poor man’s platinum.
Poor man's gold.
Poor man's platinum.
Precious metal with highest electrical and thermal conductivity
Print circuits with silver paint.
Print circuits with supermall silver particles.
Pure silver is the best conductor of heat and electricity.
Replace your bone with silver.
RFID antennas made with silver paint.
Second best has never been better!
Select Silver. “Ore” Else!
Shimmer and Shine, Let Silver be Mine.
Shiny, Incredible, Lovely, Very pretty, Erotic, Robust...SILVER.
Shiny, Incredible, Lovely, Very pretty, Erotic, Robust…SILVER
Silver – a class of it’s own.
Silver – living innovation.
Silver - sometimes it's reputation gets tarnished
Silver – we love you.
silver and gold are very bold!
Silver for all your shiny needs.
Silver for shiny life.
Silver heads above the rest.
Silver is as good as money.
Silver is never ending story.
Silver matters.
Silver money.
Silver Really Satisfies.
Silver, a true reflector.
Silver, an important element to produce our technology.
Silver, from thimbles to bullets, an indispensable element.
Silver, is like mercury with the poison.
Silver, the best electrical & thermal conductor.
Silver, the color of new friends.
Silver, the right choice.
Silver, try it you’ll love it.
Silver. When you're just too poor for gold.
Silver: It’s m”Ag”nificent!
Silver: It’s poor man’s Gold
Silver: Slaying Werewolves since 1125.
Silver: The other white metal for you.
Silver… because gold is overrated.
Silvery silver.
The #1 preferred bullet for werewolf hunters.
The affordable white metal.
The Money Metal
The Money Metal.
The Other White Gold
The Other White Metal
Think Silver.
Tiffany silver.
Traditional photography powered by silver.
Treat infections with silver.

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