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Are you looking for catchy slogans for Sodium to use for your school science project? These good slogan ideas for Sodium mentions it’s general purposes and uses, and how we use Sodium mainly as salt, anti-ice, baking soda, and more. Please leave comments if you have more slogans for Sodium!

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Sodium Slogan
11 protons never tasted soooo good.
2.6% of earth's crust is Sodium.
Amazing Sodium.
Anti-ice Sodium.
Assisting nuclear reactor heat transfer with Sodium.
Baking soda is Sodium bicarbonate.
Basic. Organic. Tasty.
Be stronger with Sodium.
Delicious cakes rise with Sodium.
Does sodium taste good? Na!
Don't be salty, don't be like Sodium.
Don't put out Sodium fire with water!
Engines with Sodium can take the heat.
Essential element with a split personality, Sodium.
Explosive pure sodium with water.
Feel the taste of life with Sodium.
Fertilizers need me.
Flame test with sodium.
Food tastes better with Sodium.
Get rid of ice with Sodium.
Guiding telescopes with Sodium laser guide stars.
High blood pressure? Try take less Sodium.
I can’t live alone, I am reactive.
I say sodium makes a really salty soda, pop, so it is best not used in soda pop.
I’m loving Sodium.
I’m n glass.
Ice be gone with Sodium.
Important sodium.
Ka-boom! Alone, it's explosive!
Keep calm and be energetic, Use Sodium.
Keep calm and defend salt.
Keep food longer with Sodium.
Keeping road safe from ice with Sodium.
Making medicine easier to absorb with Sodium.
Na is a metal quite alkaline whose neighbors are lithium and potassium.
Na, it's Sodium.
Not just Na sodium will do!
Ocean is salty because of Sodium.
Preserving food with Sodium.
Pure Sodium.
Reactive sodium.
Salt is 39.3% Sodium.
Say no to ice with Sodium.
So useful — So reactive — Sodium.
Sodium - it's “Na”turally salty!
Sodium : the element of choice when making a good salty dinner.
Sodium “the taste of the sea”.
Sodium for life.
Sodium keeps you alive.
Sodium reagent make things happen.
Sodium tarnishes fast in air.
sodium used on mom's cooking.
Sodium, always salt's better half.
Sodium, It’s all about salt.
Sodium, It’s in the salt!
Sodium, it's in the salt!
Sodium, Na Na Na………….
Sodium, necessary to produce Aluminium.
Sodium, never found as a pure metal in nature.
Sodium, Reactive and Useful
Sodium, Reactive and Useful.
Sodium, so-dium perfect.
Sodium, unlike Na-thing else.
Sodium: Don't ingest chlorine without it!
Sodium: it's the salt of the earth!
Sodium: SALT! Only better.
Soften water with Sodium carbonate.
Spice of Life.
Stay salty with Sodium.
Taste of life.
The Incredible, Edible, Sodium.
This is Sodium : and NAturally it is the salt of the earth.
Too much sodium kills.
You can’t live without it.
Your body cannot function without Sodium.
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