Tellurium Slogan

Are you looking for catchy slogans for Tellurium to use for your school science project? These good slogan ideas for Tellurium mentions it’s general purposes and uses, and how we use Tellurium mainly for rewritable CD and DVD’s, as well as how the name is based on earth. Please leave comments if you have more slogans for Tellurium!

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Tellurium Slogan
Ceramics colored by Tellurium.
Earthly Tellurium.
Glass optical fibers powered by selenides and tellurides.
Go boom with Tellurium blasting caps.
Go green with Cadmium telluride thin film solar panel.
Got Tellurium?
Infrared detector? Lead telluride does it!
It’s a Tellurium thing, you wouldn’t understand.
Keep calm & Tellurium it.
Lightest radioactive Tellurium to exhibit alpha decay.
Make batteries less acidic with Tellurium.
Make steel more workable with Tellurium.
Metalloid Tellurium.
No Tellurium? No way.
Phase change memory made possible with Tellurium.
Photosensitive semiconductor by Tellurium with cadmium and mercury.
Rewritable DVD and Blue-ray? You need Tellurium suboxide!
See small with confocal microscopy scanning by Tellurium.
Silvery-white, brittle and lustrous Tellurium.
T for Tellurium.
Tell U, it's Tellurium!
Tellurium coloring Ceramics.
Tellurium empowering Blu-Ray Technology.
Tellurium from Earth.
Tellurium is dope for semiconductors.
Tellurium making Copper & Stainless steel more machinable.
Tellurium or Garlic?
Tellurium smells like Garlic.
Tellurium strengthening Lead.
Tellurium with many uses.
Tellurium, agent 52.
Tellurium, finally named in 1798.
Tellurium, first found in 1782.
Tellurium, great for alloys.
Tellurium, It’s in the Solar Cells.
Tellurium, tellurium, it’s really great – It’s a semiconductor in the solid state.
Tellurium, the element with the name of our planet!
Tellurium: It’s a toxic thing.
Tellus, it's Tellurium.
Think Tellurium.
Toxic Tellurium.
Very toxic Tellurium.
What a Tellurium?
When there’s tellurium…. you tell ’em run.
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