Uranium Slogan

Are you looking for catchy slogans for Uranium to use for your school science project? These good slogan ideas for Uranium mentions it’s general purposes and uses, and how we use Uranium mainly for nuclear energy power and weapons of mass destruction. Please leave comments if you have more slogans for Uranium!

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Uranium Slogan
A fine line between abundant energy or mass destruction, Uranium.
Be powerful with Uranium.
Blow it up with Uranium.
Enriched Uranium.
Fission by Uranium.
Fission for Uranium: What's the catch?
Get Uranium to shut up your enemies.
Glow with Uranium.
Go nuclear with Uranium.
Got Uranium?
Great power comes with great responsibility, Uranium.
High density armor piercing ammo with Uranium.
I’m Uranium, handle me with care.
It’s a Uranium Thing, you wouldn’t understand.
It’s Uranium, handle it with care or it will take you to the hell.
Keep calm & Uranium On.
Making history with Uranium.
Mass destruction with Uranium.
Nuclear energy powered by Uranium.
Power the planet with Uranium.
Powerful Uranium.
Radioactive Uranium.
Time to get Uranium.
Uranium – A bomb thing.
Uranium - Its the Bomb!.
Uranium after the planet Uranus.
Uranium at the core of a Nuclear Reactor.
Uranium contamination is deadly.
Uranium Decays.
Uranium for your energy needs.
Uranium glows for you.
Uranium kills!!!
Uranium on Uranus? Fact or Fiction.
Uranium on Uranus? Fact or Fiction.
Uranium Sucks.
uranium- weighing down the table since 1789.
Uranium, agent 92.
Uranium, clean power for the future.
Uranium, ended the World War II with it.
Uranium, it’s dangerous.
Uranium, life & death.
Uranium, since 1789.
Uranium: 238 AMU's can't all be wrong.
Uranium: A hot knife through butter.
Uranium: Critical Mass is a Blast.
Uranium: Einstein smoked that.
Uranium: Everybody Wants Some of it.
Uranium: Everybody Wants Some.
Uranium: Go Nuclear.
Uranium: Has a lot of melt downs.
Uranium: It gets under your skin.
Uranium: It's what makes you Glow.
Uranium: My Parade.
Uranium: Proud sponsor of the first atomic bomb.
Uranium: The Most Searched Element on the Net.
Uranium: The Most Searched Lanthanide on the Net.
Uranium: the power of the sun.
Uranium: When a half-life of 4 billion years is just too much.
Use your cranium; be careful with uranium.
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