Yttrium Slogan

Are you looking for catchy slogans for Yttrium to use for your school science project? These good slogan ideas for Yttrium mentions it’s general purposes and uses, and how we use Yttrium mainly radar, fuel cell, and laser. Please leave comments if you have more slogans for Yttrium!

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Yttrium Slogan
Alloys better worked with Yttrium.
Artificial diamonds made from Yttrium.
Better air-fuel sensor with Yttrium.
Better material with Yttrium.
Catalyst for ethylene polymerization, Yttrium.
Colorless, unspectacular, but important support Yttrium.
Cut precisely with Yttrium needles.
Cut through metals with powerful Yttrium laser.
Enhance materials with Yttrium.
Fuel cells powered by Yttrium.
Lithium batteries got Yttrium.
Make grain sizes smaller with Yttrium.
Microwave filters made by Yttrium.
Most rare-earth minerals got Yttrium.
Need synthetic garnets? You got Yttrium for it.
Old TV's got Yttrium.
Say no to high temperature oxidation with Yttrium.
See through Yttrium (camera glass lenses)
Soft silvery yttrium.
Superconductor Yttrium.
Take beating and heating with Yttrium glass.
Treats cancer with Yttrium.
Watch TV and say thanks to Yttrium.
White LED's powered by Yttrium.
Y is not a question, it's Yttrium.
You won't find Yttrium only in the atrium!.
Ytterby Yttrium.
Yttrium base.
Yttrium deoxidizer.
Yttrium effect.
Yttrium glass great for camera lenses.
Yttrium laser, the best laser.
Yttrium never alone.
Yttrium radar.
Yttrium since 1986.
Yttrium strengthening Aluminum.
Yttrium, agent 39.
Yttrium, named after Swedish town of Ytterby.
Yttrium, this is it!
Yttrium: The Heart of the YAG LASER.
Yttrium: YAG.
Yttrium: Ytt's Ynteresting!
Yttriumize it.
Zirconia stabilized by Yttrium.

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