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Are you looking for a taco slogan to market or advertise your restaurant or food truck business? Get some clever and good ideas from these famous best company slogans. We created some of these sayings and catchphrases examples from ideas for drinks, Taco Tuesday, Taco Bell, and more.

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These catchy and funny taco taglines and advertising slogan samples will definitely help you market your delicious taco-making business.

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Taco Slogan
“I Hate Tacos” Said No Juan Ever
A Balanced Diet Is A Taco In Each Hand.
A Well-Balanced Diet Is A Taco In Each Hand.
After This, We Are Getting Tacos.
Ain't No Party Like A Taco Party.
As For Me And My House, We Will Serve Tacos.
Be Here For The Tacos And Tequila!
Best Disney Princess? Taco Belle.
Buy Tacos, Eat Tacos, Be Tacos.
Buy Tacos.
Craving Carnitas
Daydreaming About Tacos.
Days Without Tacos Makes One Weak
Don't Judge Your Taco By Its Price.
Don't Trust People Who Don't Like Tacos.
Eat Tacos, Take Naps.
Every Day Is Taco Day.
Everything Goes Better With Tacos.
Exhale Negativity, Inhale Tacos.
Feed Me Tacos And Tell Me I’M Pretty.
Forget The Flowers, Buy Her Tacos.
Have Your Guac And Eat It Too.
Hot Sauce Is Like Ketchup After It's All Grown Up.
How Many Tacos Is Too Many? Asking For A Friend.
How To Turn Me On With Just One Word…Tacos.
I Believe In Love At First Sight. After All, I've Seen Tacos.
I Can't Make Everyone Happy. I’M Not A Taco.
I Could Give Up Tacos But I'M Not A Quitter.
I Hate Tacos Said No Juan Ever.
I May Look Like I'M Paying Attention, But I'M Really Just Thinking About Tacos
I Wish I Was Full Of Tacos Instead Of Emotions.
I Work Out So I Can Eat Tacos.
I’D Rather Eat Tacos Than Be Skinny.
I’M Sorry For What I Said Before I Had Tacos.
I'D Rather Eat Tacos Than Be Skinny.
Ideas For Promoting Tacos.
If I Keep Running, I'll Come Across A Taco Stand Eventually.
If You Don't Like Tacos, I'M Nacho Type.
If You Love Someone, Bring Them Tacos.
I'M Into Fitness, Fitness Taco In My Mouth.
I'M Sorry For What I Said Before I Had Tacos.
In A Relationship With Tacos.
In Case Of Taco Emergency, Call 9 Juan Juan.
Instagram Image Of Tacos Floating On A Parachute.
It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Tacos.
It's Tac-O'clock.
Its Tuesday I’M In Love.
Less Hate, More Tacos.
Let's Day Drink And Eat Tacos.
Let's Taco ‘Bout It.
Lets Taco 'Bout It.
Life Happens, Tacos Help.
Life Without Tacos Is No Life At All.
Life's Short, Eat More Tacos.
Live Every Day Like Taco Tuesday.
Live Everyday Like It's Taco Tuesday.
Make A Run For The Border.
Make Salsa, Not War.
Make Tacos Not War.
Marketing Tacos.
Might As Well Make Tacos.
My Favorite Animal Is A Tacosaurus.
My Head Says Gym But My Heart Says Tacos
My Head Says Gym But My Heart Says Tacos.
Name Three Better Words Than “We're Having Tacos”
No Tickie, No Taco.
Our Tacos Are Mexcellent.
Party Like A Guac Star.
Peace, Love, & Tacos.
Pork Belly In My Belly.
Pretty In Pastor.
Say No To Drugs Say Yes To Tacos.
Show Your Love With Tacos.
So Grateful For Tacos
So Grateful For Tacos.
Stressed, Blessed, And Taco-Obsessed.
Stuff My Taco.
Surround Yourself With Tacos, Not Negativity.
Surround Yourself With Tacos.
Swimsuit Season Is Just Around The Corner, But So Is The Taco Truck.
Taco Bout A Party.
Taco Chance On Us.
Taco Dirty To Me.
Taco Is Our Verb.
Taco Squad.
Taco Tribe.
Taco Tuesday.
Taco Walk On The Wild Side.
Tacocat Spelled Backwards Is Tacocat.
Tacos — Part Of A Balanced Diet.
Tacos & Tequila.
Tacos = Happiness.
Tacos Are Cheaper Than Therapy.
Tacos Are Like A Hug In A Tortilla.
Tacos Are My Favorite Food Group.
Tacos Are My Love Language.
Tacos Are The Best Idea You'll Have Today.
Tacos Are The Food Of Genius.
Tacos Before Vatos!
Tacos Understand Me.
Tacos With A Side Of Tacos Please.
Tacos, Margaritas, Siesta, Repeat.
Tacotarian .
Taqueria Promotion Ideas.
Tgitt — Thank God It's Taco Tuesday.
Thankful For Tacos.
The Difference Between Tacos And Your Opinion Is That I Asked For Tacos.
The Early Bird Gets The Worm. I'll Sleep In And Have Tacos.
The Key To Happiness? Tacos.
The Mothership Is A Taco Truck.
The Only Bad Taco Is The One You Didn't Eat.
Think Outside The Bun.
Wake Up And Smell The Tacos.
Wanna See A Magic Trick? I Can Make These Tacos Disappear.
We Always Have Time For Tacos.
We Do Taco Right.
We Have Big Taco Energy.
We Make Everybody Happy. We Make Taco.
We Only Eat Tacos On Days That End In “Y”
We're The Taco-F The Town.
What's Happenin’, Hot Sauce?
When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Tacos.
Why Go Wine Tasting When You Can Go Taco Tasting?
Will Work For Tacos.
Work Hard, Be Nice, Eat Tacos.
Yeah I’M Into Fitness…Fitness Whole Taco In My Mouth.
Yesterday I Really Wanted Tacos. Today, I’M Eating Tacos. Follow Your Dreams.
You Can't Be Sad While Eating Tacos.
You Had Me At Tacos.

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