54 New Year’s Eve Slogans

Get ready for New Year’s Eve is a great time to celebrate life. Here are the best New Year’s eve party slogans. Get inspired with the best New Year’s Eve slogans to help make your New Year’s Eve parties memorable. Start the celebration with amazing phrases to inspire & set the champagne flowing.

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New Year Eve Celebration Slogans
4, 3, 2, 1! Embrace and kiss.
4, 3, 2, 1! Happy New Year!
A countdown to a brand new chapter in life.
A little champagne and a Big Dream.
Be hale and hearty! It is time for a party!
Call up all your pals and mates, wish everyone a Happy New Year.
Can’t wait to ring in the New Year with you!
Celebrate with food and laughter!
Do not give any excuse to. Do not skip new year’s eve celebration.
Do not let the laughter stop!
Do not snooze, there is a lot of booze!
Gather friends from far and near and celebrate the new year's eve.
Gather your friends and pals together to welcome the new year.
Get up and get dressed! It is party time!
Give a loud cheer for the new year.
Good food and good company make the new year’s eve so good.
Hopes & dreams & goals & confetti & champagne.
Hugs and kisses abound, the new year is just around!
It is now time for the countdown.
It is the midnight full of delight.
It is time for a toast with wine.
It is time for fun when the Times Square ball drop!
It will be Bliss when I get that New Year’s Kiss.
Keep calm on New Year’s Eve.
Let it be a celebration of a lifetime!
Let the fireworks do their magic.
Let us start the new year with a kiss and bask in its bliss.
Make sure that you party hard on New Year, but stay safe.
Never skip any new year’s celebration.
No one can keep calm at the new year’s eve celebration.
No party like a New Year party!
Oh what a scene, when it hits midnight!
Open that champagne. Cheers!
Pop the champagne and let us celebrate!
Pop the confetti and rejoice!
Rejoice, drink and make merry!
Sing songs and make merry, new year will be on us in a hurry.
Staying close to your family is important during new year’s eve.
Take a break and celebrate!
Thank you for your constant love and support this past year. Here's to another amazing year.
The ecstasy of a new year knows no bounds.
The final countdown is all that counts.
The fireworks signify a new beginning.
The grandest celebration of the year is here.
The new year eve’s festivities are the best.
The screams of joy should not stop.
The time is near for a New Year.
The time is near to enjoy New Year.
The time is near, to give a big cheer, Happy New Year!
The time is very near for a New Year.
This midnight will be a delight! Happy New Year!
What happen in New Year’s Eve Party Stay in the Party.
When you celebrate new year’s eve, make it a celebration of a lifetime.
You surely do not want to miss a new year’s kiss.
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Slogans for New Years Eve Parties

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