Mercury Planet Slogan

Are you looking for catchy slogans for Planet Mercury to use for your school science presentation or project? These good slogan ideas for Mercury Planet mentions its size, distance to the sun, weather and more! Please leave comments if you have more slogans ideas for Mercury the Planet!

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Mercury Planet Slogan
Sunlight is life. Mercury is waiting.
Embrace the sun with Mercury planet.
Endless summers by Mercury.
Follow the sun with Mercury.
Thinnest atmosphere of them all, Planet Mercury.
Rocky Mercury.
Mercury's atmosphere so thin, it's called Exosphere.
A planet with zero oxygen, Planet Mercury.
Mercury got tail.
The power of solar weather, experienced fully on Mercury.
Mercury, it ain't just a planet, it's also an element!
So close to the sun, Planet Mercury gets hot!
No seasons on Mercury.
Mercury, The Hot Planet.
One mercury day is 58.6 earth days.
One mercury year is 88 earth days.
Take it to the Extremes! Go for Planet mercury.
Mercury, fastest planet in the Solar System.
Experience power of the sun on Planet Mercury.
The messenger to the God, Mercury.
A small world of extreme temperatures, Planet Mercury.
Weak magnetic field with Mercury.
Mercury planet got no moon.
Hot and cold with Mercury.
Little bigger than earth's moon, but much heavier, Mercury.
The smallest planet in Solar System, Mercury.
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