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Are you looking for Nebraska slogans and mottos? You are at the right place to find the one-liners and saying expressions easily. Use this comprehensive table to help you quickly find all the main Nebraska state motto and phrases! We have included official mottos and nicknames for the license plates.

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Nebraska SloganNote
Equality before the lawMotto
The Cornhusker StateOfficial Nickname
License Plate
The Antelope StateNickname
The Beef StateNickname
The Blackwater StateNickname
The Bug-eating StateNickname
The Tree Planter’s StateNickname
Honestly, it’s not for everyone.Tourism Slogan
Nebraska Nice.Travel Slogan
The Good Life.Travel Slogan
Good life Great opportunitiesSlogan
Home of The Richest Man in The WorldSlogan
It’s Not Too BadSlogan
More Than Just the HuskersSlogan
OMAHA (and then the rest of us)Slogan
Peyton Manning and Alexander Payne seem to like us.Slogan
Sorry About the Poo SmellSlogan
The Arch Adds IntrigueSlogan
The Gateway to Colorado!Slogan
The speed limit is 75 but you can drive 90!Slogan
The Very Good Life!Slogan
Visit Nebraska. Visit Nice.Slogan
We’re Changing Our Name to Buffet!Slogan
Home of the Great CornholioSayings
As big as a horse and almost as smartSayings
I still can’t shake the Nebraska off of me.Sayings
Keep your feet in the stirrups.Sayings
Money greases the axle.Sayings
Nebraska sets the standard for how fans should act.Sayings
Nebraska: Ask About Our State Motto ContestSayings
The N is for KnowledgeSayings
To not have sense enough to pound sand into a rat holeSayings
We showed them that Nebraska is back on the rise.Sayings
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Slogans for Nebraska State

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