New Jersey Slogan

Are you looking for New Jersey slogans and mottos? You are at the right place to find the one-liners and saying expressions easily. Use this comprehensive table to help you quickly find all the main New Jersey state motto and phrases! We have included official mottos and nicknames for the license plates.

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New Jersey SloganNote
Liberty and ProsperityMotto
The Garden StateOfficial Nickname
License Plate
The Camden & Amboy StateNickname
The Clam StateNickname
The Foreigner StateNickname
The Jersey Blue StateNickname
The Mosquito StateNickname
The Pathway of RevolutionNickname
The State of SpainNickname
The Switzerland of AmericaNickname
Beautiful GardenTourism Slogan
Believe the HypeTravel Slogan
Come see for yourselfSlogan
Come smell for yourselfSlogan
Discover the State the mob runs.Slogan
Everyone loves a Jersey GirlSlogan
Expect the unexpectedSlogan
Explore our ExitsSlogan
From Brits to GritsSlogan
Funny New Jersey SlogansSlogan
Garden StateSlogan
Got Traffic?Slogan
Hurry, we’re almost full!Slogan
I Got Bada Boom Bada Binged in New JerseySlogan
If something stinks in Jersey, you must live downwind in New YorkSlogan
Jersey Boys do it better!Slogan
Jersey GirlsSlogan
Liberty & ProsperitySlogan
My state can beat up your stateSlogan
New Jersey & You…Perfect TogetherSlogan
New Jersey doesn’t stink, until you get to New YorkSlogan
New Jersey Girls aren’t Trashy (Trash Gets Picked Up)Slogan
New Jersey is for Dirty SlutsSlogan
New Jersey Turnpike. We’ll pull you over.Slogan
New Jersey, It Stinks So GoodSlogan
New Jersey, it’s not THAT badSlogan
New Jersey, Leave Your Dreams at the BorderSlogan
New Jersey, True GritsSlogan
New Jersey, Where Life Is Oat So Simple!Slogan
New Jersey: love at first sightSlogan
New Jersey: Pay UpSlogan
New Jersey: the more you know, the less you careSlogan
New Jersey: The read headed step childSlogan
New Jersey: We don’t Pump our Gas, We Pump Our FistsSlogan
New Jersey: We’ll win you overSlogan
New Jersey: You Want a F$%&in’ Motto? I Got Yer F$%&in’ Motto Right Here!Slogan
New Jersey: You Want Sluts? We Got Sluts!Slogan
Oh, you’re from New Jersey? What exit?Slogan
Take a trip to New Jersey and find yourselfSlogan
Take of that old jumper and try out this New JerseySlogan
The Crossroads of the RevolutionSlogan
The only state where your always in a suburb of some citySlogan
The Perfect GetawaySlogan
The Tomato StateSlogan
We have more people than cows!Slogan
When you’re here, you’re Family. Or elseSlogan
You dream it, we’ll tax itSlogan
You Got a Problem with That?Slogan
I had a weird dream the other night that I was on ‘Jersey Shore.Sayings
My early childhood was spent in Newark, New Jersey, but my family moved to Denver when I was 12.Sayings
Philadelphia merely seems dull because it’s next to exciting Camden, New Jersey.Sayings
Really, I’m just a simple girl from Jersey.Sayings
The new year will be like the old one if you keep on doing the same old things.Sayings
There’s a directness and a feistiness to being from Jersey.Sayings
We’re called New Jersey but we’re actually the suburbs of New York.Sayings
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Slogans for New Jersey State

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