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Lighting Slogan
A Better Way Of Lighting
A bright idea, that will last
A Bright Idea.
A brighter way to shine.
A brilliant way to light your home up
A new age of Enlightenment
A smart lighting solution
Always choose Smart
As bright as fire
As wallet-friendly as you can imagine
Be Bold .Be Bright
Be bright. Be safe. Be LED.
Be Responsible. Be Enlightened.
Be Safe. Be Bright
Be smart, Choose Smart
Be smart. Power smart.
Because Environment Matters
Because you deserve all the light in the world
Because your home deserves the best
Better lighting technologies
Better way to light up your home
Bright and cheap
Bright Everyday
Bright Ideas Made to Last.
bright sparks
Bright sparks for hire
Brighter like never before
Brighter moments on a darker night
Brightness and conservation in one
Bringing Lighting Solutions to Life
Carefree light
Choose eco-friendly systems of lighting
Choose The Most
Convert Energy to the Carefree Light
Convert Energy to the Carefree Light
Dedicated to Saving
Diwali every day!
Economical and environment-friendly
Embrace Mother Nature
Enhance the interior
Enlighten yourself
Eternal Lighting
Expand your Brightness
Experience the brightness of a star
Feel It .Play with it
Friendly Lighting
Get smart.. with ___ Bulb
Go For The Smartest Lighting Solution.
Go Green & Save Money Too.
Go green.Choose Best
Go light-smart.
Greener ..Cheaper and Brighter
Greener. Cheaper. Smarter.
Ideal solutions for your dark evenings
Illuminates your life
Illuminating Life Intelligently
It's daytime...every time
Its Just a brilliant Bulb!
Its mood of Home
Its personality of Home
Its way of New Lighting
Just brilliant
Less power consumption, More Light
Let’s become power smart
Life Just Got Brighter
Life will get brighter
Light More, Pay Less
Light up your darkest nights
Light up your life
Light up your world
Light your world up
Lighting beyond eternity
Lighting the Way
Lighting up creative minds
Lighting your ways
Lights to illuminate homes and hearts
Lights up your pockets as well!
Light-Smart – All About Saving
Long-lasting lights, to make your future bright
Made of Whiteness
Making your house home
More Light for Less.
Move forward. Be LED.
No less than a star
Our bulbs will brighten your days
Pay less, get more brightness
Perfect lighting solutions
Prepare to be LED.
Putting the best light forward
Reflect your interior
Save as much as you can
Save electricity with LED
Save energy, Save life
Save Energy. Save the Earth.
Save Mother Earth
Save the world
Saving that Attracts
Saving the World With Light.
Shed some light on the future.
Shine brighter
Show what you lighten up
Showing You in Your Best Light
Shows your best Light
Simply Illuminating
Smart and bright
Smart lighting, smart ideas
Smart, green, and cheap
Smarter. Cheaper. Greener.
Symbol of Whiteness
The brightest idea
The clean light that lasts.
The Eco-Friendly Lighting Solution
The future is here
The future is here, and it's bright
The Future is Outside
The future of Advance lighting
The future of lighting
The green lights
The intelligent way of brightening up lives
The Right Ideas to Bright Ideas.
The Smart Lighting Solution
The smart way to light up your world
Thinking about the environment and you
This is the future
This light is extra bright
Todays Lighting
Unique lighting solutions
Walk towards a bright future
well Accepted by Everyone
What A Bright Idea
White Appeal
White Vibe Zone
Work to make your future bright
You are what you lighten up

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