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Neon Slogan
Remember how great, Inert gasses used to rate, Neon still does!
Neon means New.
Neon: the second lightest noble gas.
Light up your world with Neon.
Be happy with Neon.
Cool people like Neon.
Use it for life!
Neon in television tubes.
Neon: Lightning up your world.
Have a Neon and Smile.
Reach for the Neon.
Neon keeps our home bright.
Neon gives you more volts.
At night bring neon for light.
Neon will brighten up your day.
Noble Neon.
Give it a charge, in return it will give you light.
Neon No. 10 in table but No.1 in shine.
Neon: Neat and Noble.
Neon: Red light at night.
Neon: sign in.
Go for the neon.
Every one like neon.
Keep calm and light up with neon.
Neon is bright like the sun at night.
Neon keeps your sign super bright.
Neon - light up your world!
Neon: It'll light up N-e one's world.
Whats a night in Vegas without the neon?
The lights of my life Small but noble.
Neon is bright and loves to glow give it some volts and watch it go.
If you really wanna make it glow. Electrified Neon is the way to go!
Neon: You'll have a blast with this noble gas.
Neon is neat and loves to glow Give me some volts and watch me go!
Neon: Number 10 in the table but number 1 in advertising.
Neon: Where would Broadway be without it?
Neon brightens up your day at least thats what they say.
Neon: Imagine Vegas without The noblest gas.
Neon: It can brighten up your day even on the worst of days!
Neon keeps your sign super bright, it's bright like the sun, not day but night.
Neon can keep your surroundings bright, even through the thickest fog, you'll still see the light.
Neon will always keep your surroundings bright, use it for fuel in a high-voltage light!
Neon: We invite you to get your shine on!
I love neon i love neon it lasts so long its almost an eon.
Neon: Neat, Nifty, and Noble.
Neon: Light up your world!
Neon: It makes you happy because its colorful.
Neon: You light up my life.
Neon: Small but Noble.
Neon: The noble gas that helps you get your see on.
Neon: It's green and shines bright.
Cool people like Neon things made of Neon.
Neon: If it's good enough to light the north pole, it's good enough for your signs.
It ain't easy bein' Neon.
Neon: Get your Buzz on!
Red light at night. You're seein' Neon.
Neon: See your element up in lights!
Neon: Open 24/7.
Neon: lights Broadway and bars Could see Neon on Mars.
Neon, brighten up your day.
Neon: Brightening things up!
Give it a charge and you'll get some light!
Neon: Let's you know when it's excited.
Who said ‘let there be light'? NE one?
Neon: the gas to be on.
Neon: A bright idea.
Neon: Sign On.
Light the Gas, Use Neon.
Neon: Know the Glow.
It takes a village of elements to make Neon a colorful character
Neon: Full stability.
Light on, Ne-On!
Neon also makes lasers with Helium!
10 Out of 10 for the Noble Gas Neon!

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